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Our  Story

From the vibrant heart of Ethiopia emerged a woman of unwavering strength and boundless determination – Asmeret, affectionately known as Simret. Her journey was etched with the vibrant hues of her homeland and the transformative power of personal experience. As a makeup artist, hairdresser, and body painter in the dazzling city of Las Vegas, she had adorned countless souls with beauty. Yet, beneath her mastery, lay a tale of resilience that would shape her destiny and ignite the birth of Simret Beauty. Half her age, Asmeret faced a daunting foe – persistent acne, an unwelcome consequence of stress and an unhealthy skincare routine. Through her own struggle, she discovered a deeper truth: that beauty transcended the surface and radiated from within. With each blemish that faded, she uncovered a newfound purpose. Simret delved into the realm of skincare, leaving behind her artist's palette for the alchemy of nature's gifts. Armed with a passion to heal, she delved into experimenting with blends and concoctions, infusing her creations with love and hope. As her skin transformed, so did her path, leading her to establish Simret Beauty – a testament to her personal journey and an offering of empowerment to others. Guided by her Ethiopian heritage and the wisdom of nature, Simret Beauty embarked on a mission to nourish and rejuvenate. Her products, the result of diligent research and a heart-driven process, embraced the principles of wellness. The allure of Simret Beauty lay not just in its vegan formulations or its commitment to improvement, but in its core – a belief in beauty as an internal journey, a radiant reflection of the soul. Simret Beauty's allure extended beyond its products. Asmeret's ethereal journey paved the way for an elite roster of sustainable, natural, and organic brands that shared her ethos. These were not just products, but stories – tales woven by green-minded entrepreneurs who upheld the values of purity, eco-friendliness, ethics, and cruelty-free practices. Each curated product was more than a potion; it was a promise of well-being and restoration. Simret Beauty offered a sanctuary where radiant transformations could be embraced from the inside out. A symphony of nutrients echoed within each formulation, a testament to Asmeret's unwavering commitment to her customers' vitality and beauty. With Simret Beauty, Asmeret wove her own tapestry of courage and triumph, each thread a testament to her strength and vision. From a woman whose journey began with brushes and palettes, she emerged as a healer of souls, a guide to self-discovery, and a beacon of authenticity. Her legacy was etched not only in her brand but in the hearts of those who found solace, empowerment, and radiance through Simret Beauty.

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